HotKarot Riot

HotKarot Riot is a performative project based on a convergence of HotKarot Sonification and OpenSauce Zen features. This time, we give the carrot even louder voice, and let her express her disguise with her consumers. As it happens very often that the passing-by carnivores are just so mean to our carrots (we can’t even recall how many times we have already heard something like „Can I have a hotdog please? This is disgusting!“), we decided to give her a fair chance to react. That’s why we started to measure her bioelectric resistance via our sonification kit. The ohm value measured is translated into the colour frequencies and then, again, into the sauce. The carrot resistance thereby pervades not only the passers-by ears, but – in case they agree to give it a try after all – their stomachs as well.

We even think of the HotKarot Riot project as an apt embodiment of the posthumanist anti-anthropocentric ethos. The denial of human as a supreme being is pretty distinct in there, as the carrot actually controls the whole process: not only she takes over the chef’s role and decides which sauce she wants to be consumed with, she also injects the seeds of her disruptive thoughts right under the eaters skin, directly into their stomachs. The partaking human beings are therefore involved only as mere puppet-like agents – peeling, listening to the computer generated carrot-sound, watching the algorithm converting it into the sauce and then cooking it obediently. And then, of course, swallowing the carrot’s resistant speech per se. So..behold, listen and swallow the carrot anger!…or don’t take it so dramatic and just have fun while watching the whole carrot-controlled theater going on…

The HotKarot Riot has been first performed at Enter festival, with the Enter Sauce as outcome. Full sound capture from the live performance is available here.

We also made some carrot riots at the Tranzit Display gallery and here is a short capture from the show we gave at Babel Camp Brno. It tasted like that.

And we even went to an international tour to Slovakia with the HotKarot Riot project, as we were invited to show some carrot resistance at Multiplace festival. The Multiplace Sauce tasted good.