StreetSauce is a collaborative project we’ve conceived together with a non-profit organization Homelike that provides social assistance to homeless women and offers them an opportunity to work as chefs at a mobile street-food stall. At their street-food bistro, those female cooks serve simple donation-based vegetarian menus, which have recently been enriched with our signature HotKarot & OpenSauce snack. We have listened carefully to each cook telling her life story, wrote it down and then made a sauce out of that. So each cook now has her own, highly personalized sauce that she can share on the street – where her home is. That’s the story of Street Sauce in a nutshell. And how does the life on street taste like? Well, it can be bitter, sweet, spicy, mild… there is no universal flavour. So rather come and try it on your own. And in case you’re not sure, which taste do you actually feel, ask the cooks themselves. Maybe you’ll learn something new.

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