Other StorySauces

Shaun and Mike Sauces are made out of life stories of two happy animals – Shaun the lamb and Mike the chicken – that were (happily) breed at Malaysian organic farms. The sauce was served at a special SecretCooksClub lunch together with the meat, topping the (happily) dead animals with a bittersweet reminiscence of the life finiteness. Mike’s life tasted like that, Shaun Sauce was a very positive recipe as well

UrbanPangea Sauce is created out of the curatorial text for the Urban Pangea exhibition that we took part in. We fed the audience and other partaking artists with HotKarot topped with the Sauce.

Prace Sauce is created out of the curatorial text for the exhibition Prace („Work“), which we attended with our StreetSauce concept.

1Year Sauce was conceived as a farewell note for Marketa’s colleagues, when she (close to tears) quitted her job and left the country.

MaterialTimes Sauces, namely the Emtean Sauce and Emtehel Sauce, are based on articles about new design materials published in MaTerial Times, a magazine where Tereza works as a chief editor.

Diary Sauces is a series of five sauce recipes created by Cancel group for Marketa, one of the group’s members who was about to leave to Singapore for five long years. The five remaining Cancellers wrote down a one year prediction of her future, which together constituted a nice Open Sauce diary that will accompany (and scare) her for the whole journey. At the end of each year, Marketa will cook and eat the matching sauce and undertake an annual contemplation of what has happened and how has it tasted so far.

The complete calendar is available here:

Wedding Sauces were conceived as a wedding gift for our friends. Bernardyn & Kobliha Sauce was created out of a „how they met“ story of the newlyweds, while Svatebni Sauce out of our blessings for the happy couple.

Dr. Gab & Dr. Jas Sauce is made out of negotiations about a menu for one late night dinner, where the Sauce was eventually served as a dessert.

Prazak Sauce is made out of biography of Josef Prazak, our friend and one of the most prospective young physicians of our times.

PourPavla Sauce is a story shared by Pavla, who wanted to say something about love that always deserves to get the second chance.

The concept of Commensality Sauce was created in order to consolidate the notion of Singaporean national identity, an assignment proposed by Fassforward research competition at NUS. At first, we prepared a salad made out of ingredients matching the ethnical population mix of Singapore: it had 74% of cabbage for Chinese people, 14% of tomatoes for Malay, 9% of yellow peppers for Indians and 3% of nuts, raisins and seeds for the „Other“ category. This demographical dish symbolized the notion of national identity taken from the Conflict theory perspective: single ingredients of the salad remained separate and detached from each other in order to maintain their individual identity. To make the salad dish more edible, we proposed to top it with Commensality Sauce, a sauce mix made out of the same ingredients. This edible design prototype was supposed to symbolize an interactionist-like solution to national identity tensions: the individual identity of single salad ingredients was maintained, but the sauce pervaded their surface and connected the whole salad bowl with a common flavour. Yeah. It was fun.

EatCookGrow Sauce is made out of the editorial text to food design bible Eat Cook Grow : Mixing Human-Computer Interactions with Human-Food Interactions, written by editors Jaz Choi, Marcus Forth and Gregory N. Hearn.