MaTeria Sauce

For some of us, MaTeria Sauce is definitely the most personal that we have ever created, as it remains eternally and indelibly inscribed onto our surface. The „us“ in this case refers to Marketa and Tereza, the feminine part of the Cancel group.

One day in 2013 those two started to publicly perform as one, and became MaTerie Cancel – a female patchwork persona created out of two original human units. The MaTeria Sauce has been created out of the story of this conception, which was written down by MaTeria herself, and spiced up by small disruptive interventions of the Cancel boys. The graph of the sauce recipe was then tattooed on MaTeria’s left forearms. This was done by Filipko the tattooer, MaTeria’s friend who used to occasionally live with her (and other unspecified number of people) in one Prague apartment located at the edge of urban jungle.

So far, MaTeria can report that it’s actually pretty convenient to have a recipe along with you wherever you go. It provides a comforting sense of belongingness anywhere and anytime you appear to be within the global space-time latitudes. Plus, you no longer need to introduce yourself tediously, as you can just cook your sauce and let your new peers to taste it. Although it feels good to be probably the only human being on the Earth surface with a sauce tattooed on a hand, we propose the option as open for anyone else interested. If you desire to have your own recipe imprinted on yourself, send us your story, we will make a sauce for you and ask Filipko to book a slot at his tattoo table.