OpenSauce is an open source recipe platform, which allows the HotKarot cravers to program the sauces according to their personal taste. However, the sauces can also be created directly out of them, of their personality. Biographies, personal stories, statements, opinions or messages; body measurements, heart rates… and basically any kind of biodata is sauceable. Actually almost any kind of numeric data can be used as a sauce ingredient: sound, color, electric resistance, description of artifact or situation, whatever. Everything that could be turned into a countable variable could also be turned into a sauce. That is the magic. Here is how it works: each color has its RGB number, and each ingredient in OpenSauce recipe book is assigned with a particular color. Each tone has its frequency, each word in a text may be assigned with a countable value. via textual analysis. Age, weight, height, body temperature or heartbeat are all expressed in numeric form. And as numbers are mutually transferable units, we can translate almost anything into… a sauce.

The way we think about food thereby enters entirely new level of complexity. We can use food as a more edible successor of graphs and charts in terms of data visualization, we can taste emotions, situations and life stories of ourselves, our friends or our Others. „If you don’t know how to say it, say it with a sauce“ is another option that comes to one’s mind. We have already sent some wedding blessings, farewell letters or apologies to our friends via OpenSauce. Sometimes they tasted really bitter, sometimes they were sweet, but most of all – they were surprising. However, it’s not just a funny social lubricant what OpenSauce embodies, and there are also more serious topics that can be articulated via the saucing interface. You can tell stories of people who are somehow disadvantaged and can’t or don’t want to speak for themselves. Via the OpenSauce coding, you can give them a voice in more accessible and entertaining way – just as we did within the StreetSauce project.

However, OpenSauce is a boundless playground for data cuisine experiments – if you have any idea what else should we do with it, just let us know.

More about OpenSauce features available in projects description.