OpenSauce is an open source recipe platform that allows users to design sauces according to their personal data. Biographies, personal stories, opinions, messages, DNA code…all that is sauceable. The OpenSauce translation of people’s stories into sauce recipes (words into ingredients) relies on the network text analysis method. Each source text (story) is analyzed for its most meaningful keywords, which are later matched with ingredients from the OpenSauce cookbook archive. The translation of keywords into ingredients does not reflect on the actual semantic meaning of the source story nor on any existing culinary traditions and dietary recommendations. The resulting personalized sauce recipes are not likely to have a balanced nutritional composition or flavor profile, and the ingredient pairing is decidedly serendipitous. In this way, users have no control over the ingredients and taste of their personalized sauces. To enjoy the HotKarot snack, they need to trust that the ‘smart’ OpenSauce system knows what is ‘good’ for them. 

OpenSauce also helps people who can’t or don’t want to speak for themselves. Check our StreetSauce project. OpenSauce is an open playground for data cuisine experiments – if you have any idea what else should we do with it, just let us know.